What should be paid attention to in metal etching processing

Hello everyone, today I want to share with you about metal etching. Etching is a process that removes the surface of a material through a chemical etching reaction, and is mainly used to process metal materials. Metal etching can achieve a variety of complex designs and patterns, and is one of the most common processing methods for metal craft products.

In the process of metal etching, etching liquid is a key component, and its main components are ferric chloride and aluminum oxide. It is mixed with various chemical substances, which can destroy the oxide film on the surface of the metal and expose the base color of the material. Since the material will be protected from erosion by wet film drying during the production process, the unprotected layer will be corroded. The selection and ratio of etching liquid need to be adjusted according to different materials and environments, and there are certain requirements for technicians, and personnel must also be protected.

In addition, metal etching processing also needs to pay attention to some details. For example, the processing temperature and time must be strictly controlled to avoid excessive or insufficient processing; the processing area must be kept clean to avoid interference from impurities; the etching liquid must be replaced regularly to ensure quality, etc.

In short, metal etching processing is a very complex and delicate process that requires careful design and adjustment to achieve the best results. Metal etching processing(As aluminum etching,stainless steel etching,titanium etching and more) will produce a large amount of wastewater, which is highly corrosive and seriously pollutes the environment. In order to completely solve this problem, powerful metal etching manufacturers have established an independent environmental protection recycling system, which can reduce pollution to a minimum and effectively protect the environment.