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What should be noted in the metal press die design process?

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What should I keep in mind when planning the process for metal press dies? In recent years, metal stamping dies have gradually evolved from blanking and single punching dies to blanking, punching compound dies, and multiple stations. As a result of research and development of standard parts based on metal stamping molds, the structure of the mold planning has been gradually enhanced and the accuracy has been continuously improved. Gradually developed heat treatment technology and increasingly perfect test methods have significantly improved the life of metal press dies.

Machine tools such as molding grinds, electric pulses, and wire cutting machines are used for continuous processing of dies. The mold is made of hard alloy, and the manufacturing process is getting deeper and deeper. Special attention should be paid to the following aspects when improving the planning process for metal press dies:

  1. Collection of planning data and planning depth for improvement of metal stamping dies should be relatively complete. Accurate grasp of metal press dies and equipment adaptability.
  2. Improvement of metal press die planning process. This is primarily the difficulty of metal stamping on qualified raw materials, and improving metal stamping dies in planning and processing techniques is a deep understanding of the functional properties and processing accuracy of raw materials. The improvement process is in line with the conditions of metal stamping and the metal stamping dies offered are more technical.
  3. Metal Stamping Die Planning With regard to improving planning, metal stamping dies need to strictly implement a series of steps in the basic process. Exact combination and harmonious detailed process, comprehensive analysis of process progress, accurate budget cost, metal press die size, structure, type.
  4. In the calculation of improvement of metal press die planning process, it is necessary to tightly control the accuracy of process improvement. Accurate calculation of raw materials, layout calculation, molding analysis, equipment acceptance, metal press pressure, internal voids of parts and other parameters.
  5. improvement of metal press die planning drawing. The accuracy of the drawings is constantly improving and the details are tightly controlled so that the metal stamping die can achieve higher accuracy.

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