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What problems should be paid attention to when lifting punch

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What problems should be paid attention to when lifting the punching machine

The weight of the punch press is relatively large, so no matter it is transported or installed, a lifting device is required. Hoisting is a very important and also very dangerous job, so we must pay special attention when doing this work, so what should we pay attention to in the hoisting process? Xiaobian made the following introduction for everyone.

1. It should be installed in a clean, boring, vibration-free and high-frequency interference environment.
2. The machine’s position and the main unit of the device should be equipped with 4 hoisting rings of corresponding specifications. The hoisting rings must be tightened with the hoisting screw holes on the fuselage when hoisting.
3. The lifting force of the crane should be greater than 15 tons.
4. The punching machine should be as close to the air as possible during the hoisting process. The operation should be strictly stopped in accordance with the relevant rules. The angle of the hoisting wire rope should be less than 60°.
5. Cleaning of the machine After the machine device is completed, use cleaning oil to remove the anti-rust layer on the surface, and then coat the surface of the rusty parts with machine oil. Do not use scrapers or solvents that may damage the surface coating of the machine.
6. Place the degree ruler on the upper surface of the upper turntable along the X direction and the Y direction. Adjust the horns under the feet of the machine to adjust the degree of the machine. When the amount of adjustment of the horns is not enough, pad under the horns. Use a jack to jack up the machine. Please do not top the bottom of the electrical control box.
7. Slider stroke refers to the interval passed by the slider from the top dead center to the bottom dead center. The stroke is twice the crankshaft eccentricity.
Before the punching machine is officially hoisted, a careful inspection work is required, and a pre-work safety meeting is held for the staff participating in the hoisting work. The ideal situation is to carry out a trial hoist first. During the trial hoisting process, see if there is any change in various parts, and then the formal hoisting can be carried out when everything is normal. In order to ensure the smooth and safe completion of the hoisting work of the punch press, special attention should be paid to the above-mentioned content when hoisting.

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