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The precision punch must not be careless in use

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As the name implies, a precision punch is a kind of more precise punch, and many people should know it! In the current CNC technology, such punch type machine tools are often necessary. In fact, we don’t have a lot of contact in our lives, and we may not understand it thoroughly, but we must not be careless in the use of precision punches. Listen to Jinma Machine Tool and talk to everyone!

Specifications for the use of precision punches

  • 1 Check the stamping work area for irrelevant workpieces and debris before going to work. After cleaning, check whether the upper and lower molds and screws are loose. If the mold is loose, the mold must be reassembled.
  • 2 Check the operating mode of the press, whether it is single manual, dual manual or foot pedal mode. Put the switch handle in the selected mode. It is not allowed to be placed in the linkage position.
  • 3 When an abnormal problem is found, such as abnormal sound, etc. The main power supply must be turned off before troubleshooting or repair.
  • 4 When the mold is closed, it should be stopped when the flywheel is stopped. When the mold is closed, manually check the one or two stamping strokes, and the machine can be turned on after it is correct.
  • 5 Items must be placed strictly in accordance with the requirements, and not placed at will. When off work, if the upper and lower molds are in position or the mold clamping work is not completed, a warning sign is strictly prohibited. Turn off the main power supply after get off work and turn off the power supply box.

These five points are what we should pay attention to! If you don’t know very well about precision punch presses like ours, then don’t go to practice, because this is a kind of harm to yourself, and it may also be life-threatening! If you want to know or order our products such as steel frame punches, double-point punches, open punches, CNC punches, pneumatic punches, high-precision punches and other punching equipment, you can consult and negotiate.

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