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Safety precautions in the workshop of stamping parts manufacturers

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  • 1. When the stamping parts manufacturers work in the workshop, they must concentrate their energy, work hard, and do not play jokes, do not go to work, or talk about things.
  • 2. Wearing sandals, slippers, shorts, vests or bare feet are not allowed to enter the workshop.
  • 3. Before and after shift, check whether the equipment and Stamping Die are safe and useful. If unsafe or dangerous is found, immediately make a statement, and immediately stop and make a statement if the punching press is found to have continuous punching.
  • 4. The wiring of the machine must be organized, and the body must be kept at intervals during operation; short-circuit explosions and electric shocks must be avoided. Fireworks are prohibited on the workshop site.
  • 5. Only fingers can be used to press the keys, and other parts of the body are not allowed to be touched. Before turning on the machine, check whether there are any faults in each switch button, and it is forbidden to run the punch with faults. It is forbidden to operate the punch press with one hand for inch movement, continuous movement, and single movement. Before the flywheel is stopped, do not put a safety bar to obstruct the operation of the flywheel or put your hand into the mold for operation or adjustment or repair of the mold.
  • 6. Do not use violence when locking the mold, to avoid the wrench slipping or the brain touching the machine table.
  • 7. During the production of stamping parts, when it is found that the material is about to fall or the pulling mold is about to fall, do not go to the rescue. Data, mold damage can be reproduced when invalidated, and personal damage is a big deal. It is forbidden to drop materials or stamping molds deliberately.
  • 8. It is forbidden to slide or “drift” on a forklift or mold cart.

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