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Mold management software system solutions

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In the mold production workshop, mold production managers need to perform mold ledger management, mold issuance, return management, maintenance management, location, status, life and use management in real time, especially for large-scale machinery spare parts mold production and processing enterprises, and mold management tasks Complex and heavy, the traditional manual management model can no longer meet the business development needs of enterprises. The deployment and application of a set of professional mold management software has become an effective way for enterprises to solve mold management problems. In this way, the company can objectively conduct cost analysis and control based on the mold production situation.

Frankly speaking, mold management software can not only help companies easily realize mold ledger management and real-time dynamic tracking and management of mold life cycle, but also realize mold quotation and cost analysis, mold manufacturing scheduling management, real-time control of mold progress and personnel And machine performance management

1. Mould quotation and cost analysis

Frankly speaking, the mold analysis process usually analyzes the materials, labor, and costs of the male mold, the female mold, the shaft and other parts one by one, and then adds a certain profit as the basis for the quotation. The mold management software can accurately grasp mold design costs, material costs, labor costs, outsourcing costs, management and sales expenses, etc., so that the management can clearly understand where the mold costs are spent, which processes consume a lot of costs, and which items It is inconsistent with the original mold quotation stage and core issues such as whether the mold makes money.

2. Mold manufacturing schedule

In the mold manufacturing scheduling process, the mold management system guides the mold design, processing, fitter, mold trial, mold inspection and other operations through the mold project scheduling and the part schedule scheduling system, so as to provide processing efficiency and processing Quality goal. The system also uses the most flexible billboards to automatically allocate and manage production schedules to help production management achieve excellence and control the entire production schedule. Optimize production, optimize delivery time, control the entire production process, predict the delivery date, capacity distribution, judge whether orders can be received, inserted, whether they need to be shipped out in advance, and can make all preparations in advance.

3. Real-time control of the progress of the model

In order to enable the factory management to keep abreast of the production status of each mold in the mold room, the workshop supervisor timely reflects the status of the mold room. The mold management software uses a touch screen to click input or scan with bar code data to reduce the workload of the operator to a certain extent while completing the parts Each production unit receives, and collects time for on-machine, off-machine, and transfer. It is convenient for relevant personnel to accurately and quickly query the actual location and completion of the parts, and at the same time provide accurate basis for the fitter.

4. Performance management of personnel and machines

While the mold management software efficiently manages human resources, it can calculate the workload of employees, the utilization rate of equipment, and compare and analyze planned and actual working hours, making performance management transparent, scientific and rational. Stimulate the enthusiasm and centripetal force of the staff through the performance report of the staff, and improve the production efficiency. Each process supervisor is responsible for their performance and establishes a layered accountability system.

In short, the deployment and application of mold management software can not only improve the quality of enterprise mold production, but also improve the efficiency of mold management in the enterprise workshop, reduce management costs, and enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise.

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