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How to reduce bumps in stamped metal parts?

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How to reduce bumps in stamped metal parts? The non-uniformity of hardware stamping parts is mainly due to dust, scrap iron, or the appearance of the mold on the raw materials. This is not only the appearance of the product, but also the character of a big drop in low productivity. So how can you avoid this kind of problem? In fact, we summarize the following five ways to reduce bumps in stamped metal parts.

5 ways to reduce stamping component non-uniformity

1. Squeeze die inspection and modification

The drawing die requires regular inspection and maintenance to reduce bump generation and maintain a stable condition. A common method is to use a sample to check for adhesive scratches and machined surfaces on blank holders (die fillets, punch fillets).

2. Inspection and correction of shear mode

The cause of unevenness after shearing is iron powder generated during shearing, so it is necessary to observe the iron powder before pressing to avoid the generation of unevenness.

3. Adjust the punch speed of the robot appropriately.

In the production of semi-automatic drawing dies, if the drawing die is in the lower position and the manipulator is fast, burrs will fall to the top of the die, causing protrusions and dents. To avoid this problem, perform a material discharge test before production and set the speed and angle of the robot appropriately so that the robot does not touch the product and the lower mold.

4. Check the cut surface of the coil.

When cutting the coil, the wear of the cutting die causes a lot of small iron powder to adhere to the cutting edge. Therefore, prior to stamping production, the double cut surface should be inspected at the material area or stamping line and the sheet should be cleaned in a timely manner to remove burrs.

5. Inspection of sheet metal cleaning equipment

Cleaning dies must be checked and modified at the same time before press production. This may allow you to clean the sheet more effectively. This is also very necessary, pay attention to the roller gap and the quality of the cleaning oil. The detailed method is to apply red paint to the steel plate to clean the mold. Currently, the shape that causes the red paint to be pulled out is being checked, but if the removal rate does not reach the standard, the mold should be checked and repaired. If you run out of cleaning oil, you need to add it in a timely manner.

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