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How to install the punch

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How to install the punch

Punch is a common sheet processing equipment, and many accessories can be produced through molds with this equipment, and are widely used in various industries. In the equipment installation process, you must follow the corresponding steps. Here’s how to install the equipment.

  • 1. After the user transports the punch to the installation site, open the packing box, and then perform the installation work according to the instructions. Place the equipment on the cement foundation that has been laid, and use a level to check the level It is required to allow 0.20 mm per 1000 mm length. If there is any unevenness, use iron to adjust until it meets the requirements. After the cement has solidified, the anchor screw driver (M24) should be tightened evenly, and the level of the fuselage worktable should be checked with a level gauge. The press must be completely solidified on the foundation before it can start working. After the equipment is installed, kerosene should be carefully used to wash away the rust oil on the processed surface.
  • 2. Do not drop kerosene on the paint surface to avoid damage to the paint. Should carefully clean the shoulders and depressions, wipe dry with cotton yarn after cleaning, and apply a thin layer of lubricating oil. And check whether the lubrication holes are unobstructed and must not be blocked.
  • 3. After installation, a reliable grounding wire should be installed. After the punch is installed, do not use it in a hurry. Be sure to check it again and use it after confirming that there is no problem.

The above is the introduction to the installation method of the punch press. The user can refer to the above steps to operate during the installation process to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the equipment, and improve the work quality and efficiency of the equipment.

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