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How to check the accuracy of the punch

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How to check the accuracy of the punching machine

Punch press is a kind of equipment commonly used in industrial production. The equipment has certain accuracy requirements. Its accuracy refers to the position accuracy that can be achieved by the movement of each coordinate axis under the control of the numerical control device. The level of accuracy will directly affect the equipment. Effect. Before we buy the equipment, we usually test its accuracy first. The main inspection methods are as follows:

  • 1. For parallelism, place the sliding seat in the lower position, and then place the pointer table on the bed, and then move the left-right direction and the front-to-rear direction to determine the error.
  • 2. For verticality, take a straight ruler (calibrated and the width can support the steel ball of the pointer meter) and place it at the center and both ends of the bed, and use the pointer meter to measure the errors in the left and right directions and the front and back directions.
  • 3. For the front view point, place a square ruler at the midpoint of the bed, and place the pointer table on the sliding seat to move the sliding seat up and down to determine the error.
  • 4. The direct view point between the mold shank hole and the bottom surface of the sliding seat is based on the mold shank hole.
  • 5. The total gap is placed at the midpoint of the punch with a jack, the slide is lowered to the bottom, the pointer is placed on the bottom of the slide, the jack is pressurized to the standard pressure to make the slide move upward slightly to determine the error.

When we buy a punch press, we can check its accuracy according to the above method, so that we can choose high-precision equipment to ensure that it can play the ideal use requirements in the process of use.

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