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Daily inspection of punch

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Daily inspection of punch

The punch press has a wide range of uses and high production efficiency. Therefore, it has been widely recognized by users. In normal use, you must conduct regular inspections and maintenance to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

  • 1. Are there signs of leakage at the hydraulic valve or hydraulic cylinder and oil pipe joints of the hydraulic punch press?
  • 2. Is the working condition of the hydraulic pump normal? Is there any abnormal movement?
  • 3. Is the hydraulic cylinder stable when it moves up and down?
  • 4. In the scheme where the pressure of each hydraulic system at the measuring point is set, the invariance is still good.
  • 5. Is the temperature of the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system within the normal program?
  • 6. ​​The hydraulic punch press has no high-frequency oscillation occurring during work.
  • 7. The working condition of the valve.

When using a hydraulic punch press, you must pay attention to the daily inspection work to find the cause and avoid problems in use. When you find the problem, you must find the cause and solve it in time, so as to avoid affecting the use and reducing the investment cost. .

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