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Analysis of the overall development trend of the mold manufacturing industry in 2014

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No.1 The output value of China’s mold industry in 2014 is about 1.8 trillion, ranking first in the world

The growth rate of the global mold manufacturing industry in 2014 will reach 12%, and the operating rate of the global mold manufacturing industry is 94%. After a decline in early 2014, this part of the business has now rebounded again in preparation for the 2016 car launch. Among them, North America has the lowest operating rate, with a capacity utilization rate of 85%, compared with 97% in Asia and 114% in Europe.

No.2 The share of the mold industry in machine tools continues to grow

The mold industry is known as the global “manufacturing country” with its huge annual import and export volume. However, due to the constraints of technical personnel and other factors, it is relatively concentrated in the middle and low-end fields. Therefore, the high-end market is undoubtedly economical for domestic mold companies. Is huge. It is understood that my country’s machine tool consumption has ranked first in the world for 10 consecutive years, and has become the world’s most active machine tool market. As an important branch, the share of mold machine tools is also expanding. At present, the machine tools used by domestic mold companies can generally be divided into electrical processing machine tools and metal cutting machine tools. Among them, electrical processing machine tools still have a relatively high market share in the domestic market. But this is not the case for metal cutting machine tools, because the machine tools used for molds require higher processing technology than parts processing, such as CNC systems, transmission equipment, precision parameters, etc., which brings greater difficulties to the development and design of domestic machine tool companies .

No.3 Mold market reorganization

Emerging countries are leading the global economic recovery. Recently, there are forecasts that Western Europe will experience zero or slight economic growth in the next few years. At present, almost no one believes that recent measures aimed at saving the euro will be successful. Many related to the global economic outlook, especially the performance of the mold market, there will be a major reorganization in the mold manufacturing field, sooner rather than later. At present, the annual growth rate of China’s mold production capacity has reached 33.5%, but the sales growth is only 15%. The global economic growth forecast has been lowered. The manufacturing industry is trying to reduce production in line with the current global financial situation. China’s expansion rate has also slowed down.

No.4 Mold cities across the country have entered the era of a hundred

Due to the rapid development of China’s economy, the “blowout” ultra-high-speed development of some major user industries of molds, especially the automotive and electronics industries, provides good development opportunities for the mold industry. The average growth rate of the mold industry in the first four years of the Tenth Five-Year Plan was 17.3%. The total amount of molds in 2004 was much higher than that in 2005 in the Tenth Five-Year Plan. This 17.3% development rate is the national average, and the development rate of Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai and other provinces and cities in the forefront of development is even higher than this number. With the rapid development of the mold industry, especially in the forefront of development, some mold cities, mold parks, and mold gathering bases have been established in recent years. These mold cities have played a good role in promoting the development of the local mold industry and related industries. At present, many places have followed suit, and it is expected that the heat wave of construction of the mold city will continue. According to the online search of the editor, the data of the national mold city has reached as many as Baineti.

No.5 Huangyan Mould Industry: The market is forced to “force” a new space for development

Plastic mold is one of the traditional pillar industries in Huangyan. In the past few years, the mold industry was called the “little old” industry because it has a long history, but it is difficult to grow bigger. Many enterprises have a difficult time to achieve the output value of 100 million yuan. further. When all major industries are looking for a path of innovation and transformation, what kind of power does the “small and old” industry need to break through the “100 million yuan curse” and achieve a gorgeous turn? Under the pressure of the market, the mold industry has seen more and more transformations A pattern in which the stronger and the laggards are eliminated. In 2012, the number of mold companies registered with industry and commerce was 1,680, which was reduced to 1,500 last year. This year, another 100 small companies were shut down or converted. In sharp contrast, the total output value of the industry in 2012 was 12 billion yuan, last year it was 13 billion yuan, and it is expected to reach 14 billion yuan by the end of this year. There were 8 enterprises with an output value of 100 million yuan in 2012, 11 in 2013, and it is expected to reach 13 this year.

No.6 The domestic mold industry is developing in a diversified direction

As time goes by, the precision of the mold will become higher and higher. Now it has reached 2~3 microns, and soon 1 micron precision molds will be on the market. This requires super finishing. The mold industry will become increasingly large. This is caused by the development of one mold with multiple cavities due to the increasing size of mold forming parts and high production efficiency requirements. Multi-functional composite molds in the mold industry will further develop. In addition to stamping and forming parts, the new multi-functional composite mold also undertakes assembly tasks such as lamination, tapping, riveting and locking, and the performance requirements of steel are also getting higher and higher. With the decline in the development speed of these industries, the demand for molds has continued to slow down, resulting in a slowdown in the development of my country’s mold industry. Therefore, mold manufacturing companies urgently need to achieve transformation and upgrading and business model innovation.

No.7 The growth rate of the mold industry in 2014 is affected

Affected by various international and domestic factors, China’s economic growth has slowed down, and the growth rate of the mold industry has also been affected to a certain extent. However, according to analysis, the problem should not be taken too seriously, so that aggressive drugs will be used to blindly expand the scale of investment, which will harm China’s long-term economic development. The key issue now is to grasp the intensity of adjustment. Experts say that the current downward pressure on the economy is increasing and exports are sluggish. Accelerating the promotion of foreign investment by Chinese mold companies can effectively drive commodity exports and help expand the scale of China’s mold exports.

No.8 Mould enterprise network marketing enters the micro era

The Internet has entered the mobile era, and the online marketing of mold companies has also turned to mobile terminal customers. Through the construction of micro-era shops with mobile phones and tablets as terminals, attracting buyers, one of the earliest domestic mold industry websites, China Plastic Mould.com, will launch mobile in due course. The new store service is intelligent, simple and convenient. It integrates multiple access methods such as mobile touch terminals and WeChat official accounts to provide convenient micro-marketing services for mold companies to lower the threshold of online marketing.

No.9 China Model Association: Thirty fame and glory, facing a new chapter of transformation

On October 25-26, 2014, the China Mould Industry Conference was held in Beijing to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the founding of the China Mould Industry Association. Nearly 400 representatives from the domestic and international mold industry and experts from all walks of life gathered together. As the only national organization in my country’s mold industry, China Mold Industry Association has played an important role in promoting the establishment of a relatively complete modern mold industry system in my country for 30 years. At the same time, the Model Association actively plays the role of a bridge between the common government and enterprises, follows the purpose of serving the government, serving members, and serving the industry, and constantly strengthens the construction of the association, and Changxin carries out the work of the association. China Die & Mould Association has become an important force to promote the leap-forward development of my country’s mould industry from small to large

No.10 3D printing technology impacts my country’s mold manufacturing industry

3D printing will subvert the manufacturing industry from the source, and machines will replace every key link such as molds, parts, semi-finished products and finished products. This is a complete overturn of the traditional manufacturing industry. Labor force, equipment investment, worker skills, production line management, etc. will become irrelevant. Low prices have promoted the rapid popularity of 3D printers. These cheap 3D printers cannot yet completely replace traditional manufacturing processes such as injection molding, but printing some product prototypes and simple toys is more than enough. In the era of 3D manufacturing, 3D printing can be started and stopped at any time. Whether the factory is located in Shenzhen or the United States, sufficient production capacity and response speed can be obtained, and the labor cost and skill level can be ignored.

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